BOOK REVIEW: Learning with ‘e’s

Key Stage: 3, 4
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There are some aspects of Wheeler’s argument that many people will take for granted but with which you may disagree; such as the insistence that this generation of students and teachers is facing fundamentally different challenges from those that arose in the past. However, it’s a far from controversial work on the whole, providing both practical advice and a fresh way of looking at things.

For example, how do you set about measuring progress if you decide to eschew the usual written assignments and accept instead video and audio recordings? Wheeler provides a framework for thinking about this problem and more; why do some people share more than they perhaps should on social networks like Facebook? And what insights might be provided by academics who died long before Mark Zuckerberg had even been born? This is a challenging but accessible title, which deserves a place on every thinking teacher’s book shelf.

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