Raspberry Pi User Guide

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​Pick up this bestselling guide today and make the most of the world’s first truly compact computer

The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s original aim upon releasing the board in February 2012 was to promote computer programming in schools. Since then over a million Raspberry Pi boards have been sold, and have been put to ingenious uses – everything from powering arcade games to streaming images from a balloon at 30,000 feet. Described as “fantastic” and a “beautiful job” by The Raspberry Pi Foundation, the Raspberry Pi User Guide teaches you how to get the very best out of your Pi board. This bestselling title is suitable for everyone; so whether you’re a hardware hacker, an educator, a hobbyist, or a young person, get up and running on this credit card sized computer.

The Raspberry Pi User Guide shows you how to:

  • Connect your board to other devices - keyboard, mouse, monitor, servos and sensors
  • Install the software and configure the board
  • Learn basic Linux System Admin
  • Set-up the Raspberry Pi as a simple Productivity computer
  • Write basic programmes in Python
  • Use the board to drive a multimedia centre or robotics unit

“It’s that sense of power in making a computer do a thing…Because the Pi’s simple and bare bones, if you make it do something, you feel like you own it, more so than making a PC do something” Eben Upton – Co-Creator of the Pi board