Surviving Girlhood

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    Jessica Kingley Publishers
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​Even if you were once one yourself, getting into the mindset of a teenage girl can be a tricky task for an adult – and it becomes exponentially more difficult when ‘bullying’ is clearly affecting the already complex female friendship groups in your classroom. It may not sit entirely comfortably with you to analyse particular behaviours by gender – however, it is not unreasonable to suggest that on the whole, social interactions between girls are different from those between boys, and arguably harder to unpick. This book, then, specifically looks at ways to help young women build positive relationships and strong self-esteem, so they are less vulnerable when it comes to both bullying and being bullied; combining a thought-provoking overview of female behaviour patterns with more than 60 empowering activities that can be explored with girls aged 11-16, as well as adapted for use with boys and mixed groups.