The Asperkid’s Secret Book of Social Rules

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    Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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​This important book is one to recommend to any teen in your class with a diagnosis of AS; but definitely make sure you read it yourself first. Because rarely will you find such a readable, likeable and comprehensible explanation of just what it might be like to live in a world that is necessarily filtered through a non-NT (neurotypical) perspective. As she explains the unwritten social ‘rules’ that so many young people with AS find incredibly hard to identify, let alone function in accordance with, O’Toole is effectively building a bridge between their world and that of ‘the rest of us’ – not in order to shift anyone from one side to the other, but rather to allow greater understanding and a more comfortable coexistence. Her terminology may jar at times (it’s not common in the UK to call oneself ‘an Aspie’ for example), but her insight and advice could change lives for the better.