Celebrate World Teachers’ Day!

Can you imagine a world without teachers? Our planet would be a sad place without all our wonderful educators who nurture, guide and shape us into the best and most informed people we can be. Teachers are the pillars of our society, and they deserve to be celebrated! World Teachers’ Day, October 5, is a day on which we can all show our support to teachers. Furthermore, and very importantly, it is a day which brings to light the key issues this important profession faces, such as: low salary, teacher and student safety, training gaps, teacher respect… to name a few. If we all come together, not just on World Teachers’ Day, but every day to help enhance the image of this key profession, our education systems would feel the difference!

On October 5, why not organise a World Teachers’ Day event, no matter how large or small? It’s by acting locally that we make changes globally.

To find out more about World Teachers’ Day visit: http://www.worldteachersday.org/blog/

To promote your World Teachers’ Day celebration register your celebration at: http://www.worldteachersday.org/map/