Charity launches free webinar programme

The Child Brain Injury Trust is launching an exciting, new free initiative for teachers, teaching assistants and SENCOs. The charity’s new webinar programme will allow teachers and parents the opportunity to learn more about childhood acquired brain injury (ABI) and support strategies for the children and young people they look after. 1 in 30 children will have an acquired brain injury by the age of 17.

Each month two webinars will cover a wide range of topics, including: Understanding childhood ABI, Teenage Social Skills (KS3/4 only), ABI and Youth Offending (KS3/4 only), Basic Brain Functions, Lost in Transition, Maturation Stages of the Brain, Strategies for support in school.

Each webinar can be accessed from a tablet, smartphone or laptop. The charity is hoping the ease of access- teachers and parents can take part from home or work and the fact that each webinar is recorded and will be available for three months after it was first recorded, will be a big factor in allowing busy teachers and parents to take part when it’s convenient for them to do so.

Register today for free access to each webinar!

Teachers and parents will need to register to take part in the webinars or to listen to a recorded webinar. There is no cost to access the webinars for parents of children with an ABI or public sector workers, including teachers, teaching assistants and SENCOs . You can register by clicking on the link below: