Discovering WW1 through social media

As the use of social media is such a large part of daily life today for both young and old, Greater London Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association, David Noble Associates (DNA), a marketing and communications agency, and Wandsworth Council have taken the opportunity to work together to launch WW1: A Soldier’s Tale. This innovative, non-for-profit project commemorates and brings to life the Great War by telling the story of Walter Carter, a Battersea soldier, throughout WW1, seen through his eyes and those of his family and friends via the use of Facebook, Twitter and a blog.

David Noble, Managing Director of DNA, said: “We wanted to capture the imagination of particularly 13-18 year olds, educating them about WWI using a medium they know, understand and use – a medium that makes it feel more recent and more relevant. Also we wanted to provide teachers with a welcome starting point to get pupils thinking about WWI from a number of different perspectives. Walter is a fictional character but based entirely on historical fact and the project covers a huge range of events and themes both on the Front and at home. By including links to additional materials such as podcasts, videos and maps, it’s a wonderful educational resource for anyone interested in the First World War and life in Great Britain at that time.”

Walter posts about his experiences on his social media pages in real time, as will his friends and family who have their own stories to tell. The content covers much more than factual information; it paints a picture of life at war and at home, referencing issues that are still hugely important today such as the role of the Reserves, the effect of the War on families, the changing role of women and the treatment of the physically and mentally injured.

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