Driving on the curriculum

Over a hundred schools and academies are now offering driving lessons to pupils through the Young Driver at School programme, which is aimed specifically at 11-17 year olds.

‘Young Driver at School’ is designed to provide pupils with a combination of actual driving lessons and computer-based road safety training. It is run by Young Driver, Britain’s largest provider of under-17 driving lessons.

Driving lessons can take place within the grounds of schools or can be staged at one of Young Driver’s 34 driver training sites. Pupils drive a dual control car with one of Young Driver’s specially trained instructors. Lessons include setting off, manoeuvring, braking and reversing. Specially created classroom sessions, in conjunction with the Goodyear Driving Academy, are designed to improve knowledge and awareness and to help youngsters stay safe on the roads.

Research has shown that 77 per cent of UK drivers believe that driving lessons should form part of the school curriculum.

Kim Stanton, director of Young Driver, said: “There is widespread acceptance that the way we teach our young people to drive is inadequate, evidenced by the fact one in five crash in their first six months on the road.

“Learning to drive is no different to learning a language or musical instrument – you learn better at an earlier age. Independent research into our programme shows that learning to drive at school age halves the likelihood of accidents and saves lives. The demand is there from schools, youngsters and parents so it makes sense to bring this into the educational environment.”

Prices start from just £10 per pupil. For more information visit www.youngdriver.eu or call 0844 3719010.