Free KS3 science resources - oceans

The Coral Ocean resources from Digital Explorer are based on the research and journeys by explorers and scientists taking part in the 2012 Catlin Seaview Surveys. The lesson plans and accompanying activities are designed to introduce classes to what it is like to be an ocean explorer. These enquiry-based resources incorporate the scientists’ experiences and research, and enable students to explore marine life on the reef and the threats that face it.

This set of thought-provoking resources allows the classroom to engage with a number of key curriculum topics such as, ecosystems, food webs, adaption, symbiosis and human impact on the environment. The resources act as guide to the world of coral, laying particular focus to the Great Barrier Reef. This iconic coral habitat has puzzled scientists for centuries. Use these resources to help to connect your classroom with the wonder and the diversity of the life that depends on it.

This beautiful and magnificent ecosystem is dependent upon the protection of future generations. Ocean literacy is becoming a larger part of the national curriculum, it is more important than ever to engage students from a young age in the protection and preservation of the coral oceans. This set of resources allows an innovative and engaging approach to educating young people.

Each lesson has a different focus, and together they form an expedition experience for your class. This set of resources enables an informative approach providing background on the ocean and coral reefs. The dive mission lessons allow an insight into the coral oceans that could only have been experienced by those that had the opportunity to swim, snorkel or dive on the coral reef. The Catlin Seaview Survey has created an immersive dive experience that can be used in the classroom, allowing science to come alive.

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