From Tablets to Techknowledge…

This week sees a new website for teachers and school leaders, .

Packed with research on the impact of mobile technology and the use of 1:1 devices in schools, the unveiling is part of the rebranding of the charity Tablets For Schools, now Techknowledge For Schools. The research covers 40 schools and 11,000 pupils and explores the impact of 1:1 use on pupil engagement, motivation and behaviour, teacher training and support. It also gives frank feedback on persistent barriers to progress, such as lack of Wi-fi, pupil distraction, addiction, e-safety and lack of ongoing CPD for teachers.

The charity began commissioning research in 2011 in three pioneering secondary schools (Longfield Academy in Kent, Honywood in Essex and Wallace High School, Belfast ) that were using 1:1 tablets, to identify the benefits, challenges and the impact on learning and to establish ground rules and advice for teaching with these devices. An independent pedagogy group of academics and school leaders exists to peer-review all research.

Director Mary Palmer said: “We work closely with secondary and primary schools across the UK. We’re now very active beyond researching the use of tablets within education, hence the rebranding. We help interested schools develop robust mobile learning strategies and we help curious but hesitant schools make plans to embrace technology and educate their teachers and pupils.“

Brand new research - Transforming learning - explores precisely how 1:1 mobile devices are used in teaching and learning, and how changes to pedagogy can be sustained: Transforming Learning.