Get your students voting NOW!

  • Get your students voting NOW!

The Day, a digital news resource for secondary schools, is running a mock election for under 18 year olds to participate in as part of their 2015 election coverage. It’s very easy to take part and offers a great opportunity for young people to have their say

As well as the student vote The Day asked students to submit questions for the political parties and have published the interviews. Covering everything from the plight of hedgehogs to world poverty, the questions that students asked show how politically engaged today’s young people are.

Teachers from schools across the UK have been using The Day’s free election resources for their own mock hustings, form time teaching, curriculum lessons and assemblies. The resources include guides to all the parties, an infographic explaining the process, briefings on key issues and an election megaquiz.

The Day would like to have as many voters as possible in their student vote. It’s really easy to take part and you just need to be under 18 to participate. Join the thousands of teachers encouraging their students to get into the habit of voting by going to the student vote site here: