Help with diabetes support for schools

Every child has a right to an education and the right to feel safe when they go to school but, sadly, this is not always the case for children with Type 1 diabetes,” comments Libby Dowling, Diabetes UK Clinical Advisor.

“While many of these children receive excellent care from devoted school staff, there are also many children who don’t and as a result they can face avoidable ill health, stigma and the prospect of effectively being excluded from some elements of their education.

“Some children can also face discrimination and are told that that they can’t take part in extracurricular activities or go on a school trip, which can place a huge toll on their wellbeing and confidence.

“This is why it is really good news that the Government has changed the law so that from September schools will be legally required to provide the support that children with medical conditions need.

“We recognise that some schools may have some concerns about how to implement this new rule, which is why we have produced resources for schools that spell out in practical terms the support that children with Type 1 diabetes need and the tools to do it with.

“Our resources contain a sample medical conditions policy; information about the condition and how best to support children who have it; and answers to important questions such as how to store insulin and what training staff might need.

We want to work with schools to provide children with Type 1 diabetes with the best start in life possible.”

The Diabetes UK free schools packs are available to order on the Diabetes UK website at

The organisation has also produced a video using real case studies to illustrate what can be done by all parties to ensure children are properly supported throughout their school career, which can be viewed at