​How young people succeed

Preparing young people for their futures is arguably one of the most important aspects of education and one which is faced by secondary school teachers and management teams the length and breadth of the country each and every day.

Yet in a landscape largely dominated by the pressures of exam results and league tables the emphasis is, by default, on academic achievement. This leaves the acquisition of skills – both practical and non-cognitive – as a discretionary extra for many in an already crowded curriculum. It is also widely accepted that young people need to be given sufficient time to understand themselves in terms of their aptitudes, interests and personalities and how these match against the fast changing employment landscape.

This is why The Inspiring Futures Foundation, which itself has a heritage of over 70 years delivering advice and support to young people and schools, is holding an event in May that will bring together thought leaders from politics, universities, schools and employers to discuss and debate how to successfully meet these challenges in an increasingly complex and constantly changing world.

The event will draw on theory and practice and provide a platform to showcase best practice from both the UK and abroad. Delegates will leave with a better understanding of how their institution can deliver maximum support and guidance to those young people in their care, as well as the confidence to do so – the result being an environment in which young people are supported to realise their future potential.

To find out more and to book your place at the event, visit: www.inspiringfutures.org.uk/schools/conferences/if_conference.aspx