Inspire A Level students with the help of Hay

Hay Festival has launched the second series of Hay Levels: an inspiring, free series of educational videos starring thought leaders from a range of disciplines, to stimulate students preparing for A Levels with a bank of educational resources.

Videos will be released fortnightly throughout the school year on the Hay Levels YouTube channel and shared across social media (#HayLevels), supplementing the growing bank of content already available on line.

Hay Levels is a joint collaboration between the global literary event series, Hay Festival, and Hereford Sixth Form College, sponsored by the Tata group, giving students open access to some of the most renowned experts in their fields.

Covering a breadth of topics from Chinese history to differential equations, the first release of videos includes:

  • Theorist, academic and journalist, Germaine Greer, on Romeo and Juliet (English Lit)
  • Professor of History and bestselling author, Yuval Noah Harari, on Sapiens (History, Biology)
  • Author and historian, Tom Holland, on the rise of Islam (History, Religion, Politics)
  • Green Party MP for Brighton, Caroline Lucas, and Conservative peer William Waldegrave on proportional representation (Politics, History)
  • Deputy Director of Earth and Ocean Sciences Research at the University of Cardiff, Caroline Lear, on ice sheets (Geography, Environment)
  • Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at University College London, Andrea Sella, on chromatography (Biology, Chemistry)
  • Neuroscientist, Hannah Critchlow, on neuronal communication (Biology)
  • Director of the Institut Henri PoincarĂ© in Paris, Cedric Villani, on differential equations (Maths)

Now in its second year, the Hay Levels was sparked when mathematician, Marcus du Sautoy, gave an impromptu masterclass to a group of A Level students on his way to speak at Hay Festival. Working with local teachers and students at Hereford Sixth Form College, Hay filmed festival speakers to give every teenager in the UK access to a direct online masterclass: welcome to the Hay Levels.

Highlights from the first series of Hay Levels include: Sarah Churchwell on Gatsby; David Crystal on Pragmatics; Marcus du Sautoy on Triginometry and Logarithms; Richard Dawkins on Irreducible Complexity; Gabrielle Walker on Climate Change; Oscar Guardiola Riveira on Globalisation; and Shahidha Bari on Wordsworth and Coleridge.

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