Lasers and Accelerators symposium set to inspire, 26th June

“Accelerator science is a young discipline and the people pushing back the frontiers are often only in their twenties,” says Professor Carsten Welsch, Associate Director of the Cockcroft Institute, Daresbury.

“There are real opportunities not only to discover something new but also to see its application in healthcare or industry within a relatively short time-frame.”

The internationally renowned centre for accelerator science, is coordinating the inspirational ‘Lasers & Accelerators for Science and Society’ symposium – talks will be available to teachers as a webcast.

Prof Welsch explains: “There is a shortage of engineers and scientists with skills in this exciting area, and industry is keen that young people consider it as a career. It has applications in healthcare, materials, drug development and the possibility of unlocking the mysteries of the universe.”

Speakers include: Professor Brian Cox describing how curiosity-driven science creates a profound appreciation of our existence; Professor Katia Parodi who pioneered image-guided radiotherapy for targeting cancer tumours and Dr Ralph Aßmann who is working on a new generation of economic, compact particle accelerators opening up new markets.

To follow the talks via webcast: