Nepal earthquake; teaching resource for schools

Would you print images of dead bodies or a child in distress? Does preparing for an emergency make it easier to cope when it happens?

These are some of the thought-provoking questions in a teaching resource created by the British Red Cross in light of the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal on Saturday.

The free education resource will help young people in the UK to engage with and build an understanding of the scale and impact of the disaster, which left an estimated 5,000 people dead.

The teaching tool, which consists of a downloadable lesson plan and PowerPoint package, went live on the British Red Cross website on 28 April 2015.

It was also distributed via the charity’s Newsthink service, which connects 10,000 teachers nationwide.

Helen Davis, Education Resource Commissioning Editor at British Red Cross, said: “Young people are interested in the world around them and undoubtedly will have been following stories in the news about the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Our education resource provides teachers and educators with an opportunity to engage young people in discussion and reflection around this international news story.

“The resource encourages young people to consider the humanitarian impact of the disaster and actions they could take to support the people who have been affected by it.”

The package focussing on topics such as community action, family tracing, news coverage and being prepared.

Visit to download the teaching package.