New website for young crime victims & witnesses

In response to widespread concern that children and young people in England and Wales are confused and intimidated by the criminal justice system, the charity Victim Support has now released the first website designed specifically to tackle these issues.

Research for the charity shows that some under 18s may not realise they have been the victim of a crime, do not want to go to the police and are scared to testify in court. Worryingly, many even see violent crime, such as sexual abuse, mugging and rape, as a normal part of growing up.

Many of the children and young people interviewed say they do not tell the police about a crime because they do not trust them; and would only tell a parent, teacher, carer or social worker about a crime if they had an established, trusting relationship with them.

The new website looks at different types of crime, how children and young people can feel after becoming a crime victim and what they can do if they want to get some support – with or without going to the police.

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