Paris attacks: free teaching resources

After a grim weekend of shock and horror from Paris, The Day has produced a free special edition to help teachers talk about the awful events, and focuses on how we should react: as individuals, as societies, as nations.

Out of the carnage and confusion, our coverage attempts to distill five simple themes.

  1. The importance of facts: what do we know and what do we not know and how do we calmly assess the truth?
  2. The importance of understanding: what does Islamic State really want to achieve and why are they claiming ‘success’?
  3. The importance of openness: if we are frank about jihadism and islamism, does this help us see how we can begin to deal with the problem?
  4. The importance of sympathy: the world’s reaction has reminded us that humanity has huge reserves of kindness and fellow-feeling.
  5. The importance of words: what is ‘terrorism’ and why is a terrorist not a ‘freedom-fighter’?

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