Alan Garratt Explains how Casio is Working to Make Collaborative Learning Easier

  • Alan Garratt Explains how Casio is Working to Make Collaborative Learning Easier

30-Second Briefing

Casio projectors deliver better brightness, less maintenance and more focus on enhancing education environments. The company’s latest range of education solutions includes forward-thinking features which encourage collaboration and active learning in the classroom.

Why is collaborative learning so important?

We live in a business environment where soft skills like collaboration and problem-solving matter significantly more than the ability to retain information. Therefore, if primary and secondary education is going to properly equip pupils for the world of work, the focus needs to be on creating classrooms which cultivate these skills rather than the outdated “chalk and talk” teaching style of yesterday.

How can a Casio projector help with this?

Our full range of projectors have long championed a very low maintenance design, quick start-up time and a light source which produces no brightness drop off, which allows teachers to focus on the lesson.

Recently, we’ve developed a new range of educational solutions, packed with features to encourage collaboration in the classroom, most notably our exciting one-click connect feature.

Tell us more about ‘One Click Connection’

One-click connect allows up to 40 devices to connect wirelessly to the projector and then, using a moderator smartphone app, a teacher can select up to four devices to screen share with the projector, enabling pupils to share work with the rest of the class.

It completely eliminates the hassle of using cables and makes sharing work fast and frictionless, encouraging collaboration, original ideas and generating more opportunities for sharing.

What other features make your products so powerful in the classroom?

Thanks to our laser and LED light source, our projectors have a very low total cost of ownership and market-leading green credentials which is especially important when rolling out a fleet of projectors across multiple classrooms.

With no consumables such as lamps or filters to replace, and an expected lifespan of 20,000 hours, users can simply fit and forget.

Coupled with a range which can be tailored to all types of classroom environment and new connectivity functions, we are leading the way for classroom display technology.

Senior National Account Manager Alan Garratt heads up the sales, marketing and operations functions of the projector division at Casio UK.

What’s the difference?

• One-click connect enables wireless screen sharing with up to 40 devices
• Lampfree technology and low power consumption for excellent total cost of ownership
• Low-maintenance design and long lifespan means users can truly fit and forget

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