What Teachers can Gain from Eduqas’ 2018/19 CPD Training Events

  • What Teachers can Gain from Eduqas’ 2018/19 CPD Training Events

As Eduqas launches its 2018/19 annual programme of CPD training events, GCSE English Literature subject officer Julia Harrison discusses the benefits of participation…

What kind of CPD training does Eduqas offer?
We offer a range of CPD training events designed to support teachers deliver our specifications effectively, and to ensure the best outcomes for their learners.

These events range from specification ‘Briefings’ for those requiring an overview of a qualification that is new to them, to ‘Assessment to Classroom Practice’ events that consider lessons learnt from recent examination series and their implications for classroom practice.

What type of CPD training is available?
As we know that teachers have different needs and face increasing demands on their time and budgets, we offer different means of accessing training. We offer face-to-face training events, which are held at locations across England and interactive online twilight training events.

How will attending a CPD training course be helpful to me and my department?
CPD allows attendees to receive training from subject specialists, who have extensive knowledge of the specification. Attendees will have the opportunity to look at pedagogical approaches and consider how recent assessment series can inform, develop and improve teaching and learning.

It is also an opportunity to look at exemplar materials from across centres, questions and abilities, and to look at any lessons learned as a result of the latest examination series.

We have been teaching the specification for two years now, why would CPD training still be relevant for us?
Each annual series of CPD will focus on new approaches or common problems that were identified following the recent assessments. The course leader will have marked a range of scripts which puts them in a unique position of being able to advise across questions and abilities.

You will be directed to the latest resources and practise applying current marking schemes.

Who are your presenters and why do you choose them to deliver CPD training?
Our CPD training presenters are senior examiners who have vast experience in the field of assessment.

For example, our current GCSE English Literature presenter has been a principal examiner, a chair of examiners, a senior team leader and a moderator for non examination assessment. She has written endorsed textbooks and has marked across both Components.

Our presenters are also experienced classroom practitioners, who offer pragmatic advice that can be taken back to your classroom.

What sort of materials do you provide at CPD?
As an attendee, you will be provided with a comprehensive pack of materials that you can take back to school and share with your department. The pack will contain a range of materials such as marked exemplars, presentations and classroom resources.

For example, in this year’s Eduqas GCSE English Literature CPD, delegates will receive an amplified mark scheme and posters for their classroom taken from the poetry anthology.

To find out more and to book your place, visit eduqas.co.uk/Training.

Should you have any enquiries about Eduqas’ CPD training, contact the dedicated team by emailing cpd@eduqas.co.uk or calling 029 2026 5024.

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