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You can use the Explain Everything app to deliver high quality feedback on digital student work. This can take literally minutes and really help to highlight the points for improvement with the pupils. You can import an image of student work, and then provide an oral commentary of how they can improve, with highlighted key sections and written comments. This is especially useful for students who have dyslexia or similar issues as they can easily replay feedback. A really good example of a teacher doing this can be seen on this video.


Dragon Dictation is an app that lets you dictate to your iPad. You can even use it for email, and with practice, it’s meant to be five times faster than the average typing speed. Could be useful for draft report writing, especially if you find typing on a tablet or iPad tricky.


Post-it Note is an app lets you take a photo of actual post-it notes, and then digitises the contents. You can then save post-it work for inspiration in future lessons, starter activities, or to help give students ideas when planning project work or writing.


When working using Google Docs, there are a number of add-ons that students and staff might find useful. To find these look along the toolbar in a Google Doc – there is everything from music annotation to MFL dictionaries.


Videonot.es is a website where you can import videos (from sources such as YouTube) and then you can as a teacher annotate them on a timeline. These annotations are saved in Google Drive, so that you can share them with your class and give the video more depth.

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