Jonathan Kirby’s Taiko Drumming Book

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    Kagemusha Taiko
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​If you are looking for something a little different to engage your KS3 music pupils, why not consider a term of Taiko? Combining powerful rhythms and dramatic choreography, this is a joyous and energetic performance art form involving a team of drummers, which is bound to capture students’ imaginations – and Kirby’s carefully constructed series of lesson plans will take both you and your learners on a fantastic journey from noviceship to a final, polished presentation, improving their self-awareness, listening skills, self-discipline and confidence along the way. As with all the world music teaching guides available from Drums for Schools (, no specialist knowledge is required; you don’t even need to be able to read music. Everything is clearly explained, and there is an accompanying DVD, too, which shows the author taking youngsters through the whole programme, step by step.