Music Cover Lessons

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Few things are more terrifying to a non-specialist than being asked to cover a music lesson at KS3 or 4 – the two default ‘plans’ generally tending to consist of either discussing Sir’s playlist (and the respective merits of ‘old stuff’ and the latest bands), or sticking on a recording of Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ and handing out paper and coloured pencils. However, armed with this brilliantly compiled resource, any educator will be able confidently to deliver a musical learning experience that’s enjoyable, productive and relevant. The activities – flexible and differentiated – have been designed to work in any scenario, including that of a teacher with no musical background in a room with no audio or internet facilities, and can also be used for homework or revision sessions. Between the book and its accompanying CD-ROM, everything you need is provided; both in terms of quantity and quality, this resource offers excellent value.