Mark. Plan. Teach.

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There’s a reason why Ross Morrison McGill is the most followed educator on Twitter in the UK – it’s because he has an almost uncanny knack of sweeping aside the clutter and obfuscation that inevitably piles up around any discussion about education these days, and focusing instead on the real nuts and bolts of teaching and learning; the things that matter, right now, to teachers – and even more so, of course, to the young people in their classrooms. His latest book could be said to represent the epitome of this approach, bringing the pedagogical debate down to its absolute basics. Every teacher, he points out, must do three things, all the time: mark work; plan lessons and teach students well. He then goes on to share practical, proven strategies to help them do just that – only better, and in less time. Simple? Yes. Simplistic? Absolutely not. McGill’s experience and insight are both considerable, and his advice, invaluable.