Talk-less Teaching

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    Crown House Publishing
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Part of the new Osiris Educational series, this is an entertaining and accessible collection of strategies to help improve classroom practice across the board. It’s a myth, of course, that an outstanding lesson should not feature Sir’s voice at any point whatsoever – but ‘talk-less teaching’ should definitely be an option found in every educator’s toolkit, and if you’re starting to feel as though a little less time lecturing and a little more time facilitating independent learning might benefit both you and your students, then you may well find just what you need within these pages. Clear, credible advice underpins an impressive array of practical techniques designed to maximise learners‘ engagement with and mastery of the content being delivered; it’s a thoroughly absorbing read throughout, and whilst it’s true that not everything that the authors suggest will necessarily work with every young person, nor every time, there’s plenty here with the potential to inspire positive change.