Pocket Pal – Multiple Intelligences

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Bloomsbury’s Pocket Pal series promises with each title to provide a ‚condensed introduction to a specific teaching concept, essential for the busy teacher with little time to spare.‘ On the whole, they tend to live up to the blurb, not least because this is a publisher that picks its experts carefully – and Mike Fleetham is a prime example of the standard that readers can expect. His overview of the philosophy of multiple intelligences is engagingly and digestibly presented, with plenty of personality and just enough humour to stay the right side of irritating, and there’s a whole heap of easy-to-implement practical suggestions alongside the theory. Metalearning is increasingly moving towards the heart of the curriculum, especially in secondary schools, and so whether you are looking for a CPD aid, activities to encourage your students to take more ownership of their learning, or both, this handily sized book could prove to be exactly what you need.