The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science

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    Princeton University Press
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​Once upon a time, not so very long ago, conducting experiments in the back yard using items scavenged from around the house or pilfered from granddad’s shed was a normal part of childhood. So says Neil Downie, anyway, going on to point out that these days, hands-on science is suffering because we simply don’t let kids ‘get on with stuff at home so much any more’. Happily this collection of more than seventy original but tried and tested projects should go some way towards addressing the issue. Downie’s instructions are admirably clear and straightforward; his explanations of the underlying sc ience admirably comprehensive and comprehensible; and his passion and enthusiasm, totally infectious. Start a STEM club if you don’t already have one – get members constructing Helevators (half helicopter, half elevator, of course) and making Electric Gunpowder, and don’t be surprised if you end up travelling somewhere utterly extraordinary.