5 character traits to help fight off the teenage blues

A report by Demos, released on October 15th 2015, revealed an epidemic of dwindling confidence among students aged 14-18.

There is often a feeling amongst young people that everything hinges on their exam results, creating a cycle of stress and worry both in and out the classroom.

Yet perhaps the easiest way to deal with this is for young people to work on developing a few key character traits, listed below:

1. Self-awareness will make you see that your self-worth is not measured in results. It will silence your mind’s propaganda that tells that exams are all-important.

2. Confidence will create a buffer between yourself, your abilities and aspirations and the setbacks or dispraise you may receive

3. Curiosity will help you think in different ways about your predicament and challenges, seeing learning opportunities in every stroke of the pedal.

4. Empathy helps you reach out to others and share your feelings of stress and frustration. Don’t forget, communicating them is getting half way to defeating them.

5. Determination means more than just obsessing over your results and has to do with how far you are prepared to go when you really own your goals.

In doing so, young people will be better equipped to handle educational pressure, make the most of their learning and ultimately, enjoy some of the best years of their life.

By Stephen Chamberlain, CEO of the Challenger Multi Academy Trust