Now Launching: The Canvas Space Programme

Instructure, the creators of the Canvas Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), has today announced the launch of its “Canvas Space Programme” to celebrate its expansion into UK schools this autumn.

As part of its launch into schools in the UK and Ireland, Instructure is giving away 10 space kits to 10 lucky schools. The Canvas Space Programme offers select pupils the opportunity to embark on their own scientific exploration and capture extraordinary footage and data of the earth with their miniature space capsule.

Canvas will provide winning participants everything they need to send a capsule to space, including a flight computer, a state-of-the-art camera, a GPS, a parachute and a space blanket.

To apply for a space kit and become part of the Canvas Space Programme, teachers are invited to submit a 60-second video with their class, telling Instructure why they should win. Instructure created this video to learn about the Canvas Space Programme. The submission deadline is 12th January 2015 and entries can be made here.