Dear Diary…

Encourage your students to put their angst, pretentions and observational skills to good use by sharing them online as part of Generation Diary – a year-long project that was launched on 12th June by the Anne Frank Trust UK.

Would-be autobiographers between the ages of 13 and 15 are invited to submit personal diary entries in order to build up a detailed snapshot of how Britain’s young people think – throughout the campaign, academics from the Social Psychology department at the University of Kent will be analysing the collection of entries, and the idea is to enable all of us to see the world through the eyes of the next generation.

Founded in 1990, the Anne Frank Trust UK uses Anne’s life and inspirational message as an anchor to educate people about damage caused by all forms of prejudice and discrimination.The Trust enters the lives of young people across the country when they are likely to be at their most vulnerable and impressionable and imbues in them the importance of positive attitudes, personal responsibility and respect for others.

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