Free Education Event: Bring the Coral Triangle to your Classroom

  • Free Education Event: Bring the Coral Triangle to your Classroom

Catlin Oceans Education and Digital Explorer are inviting thousands of students to join an expedition to Timor Leste in South East Asia’s Coral Triangle to investigate the awe and wonder of the coral reef. The expedition team will be specifically investigating the fragile habitats and ecosystems of the reef, the impact of human activities, local conservation efforts and the future of the Coral Triangle.

“Our vision for Coral Live! 2015 is that as many classes as possible have the chance to speak live via satellite to a marine scientist or expedition team member about this unique ecosystem and the diversity of life that depends on it,” said ex-teacher and explorer, Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop.

The beautiful and fragile ecosystem of the coral oceans is dependent upon the protection of future generations so it is more important than ever to engage students from a young age in the protection and preservation of our environment.

Coral Oceans Live! allows an innovative and engaging approach to educating young people. The live lessons are easy to set up and take place from 20 to 29 January 2015. To book a free lesson and access the oceans education programme that accompanies the expedition visit