Take the National Academic Challenge!

As an online competition that challenges participants to engage in research during a designated time frame, the National Academic Challenge (NAC) is an upcoming 3-phase event designed to help prepare students for all the challenges of today’s job market.

Some aspects that make the NAC a unique educational event:

  • Teams can participate anywhere, together at their school or individually from their own homes.
  • The event develops an active pursuit of information to seek answers to the complex problems presented while other competitions test memory based information.
  • The NAC environment encourages the application of new learning methods, teamwork and increases the use of new technologies in the classroom.
  • Promotes interaction with the entire school community including teachers, students, parents and school staff.
  • The competition will take place over two weekends and it will be up to students to manage their time.

The NAC is an extraordinary opportunity for students to learn how to think outside the box, work in teams, manage conflicts, critically analyse complex problems and assume leadership in the quest for knowledge as they interact with students from across the UK.

The registration deadline for teachers and their student teams is 13th of March.

For more information: www.nachallenge.com