Job hunting?

​A free App is now available to make the task of job hunting much easier for busy teachers. The App has been launched to enable time-pressured teachers to apply quickly and easily to the highly popular international school positions now vacant around the world. Now teachers can be applying for a job while the kettle is boiling in the staffroom at break time.

The App has been launched by UK-based international teacher recruiting specialists, Teachers International Consultancy (TIC). “We know from talking with teachers that they have no time during the working week to hunt for new jobs; they need something accessible , literally within a couple of seconds, otherwise they end up missing opportunities,” says Director of TIC, Andrew Wigford. “We decided that an App was the easiest solution for them.”

“Right now, jobs in international schools are coming in every day,” says Andrew Wigford. “Teachers want to respond quickly to ensure they are in the selection process for the best schools. The App makes this possible to do.”

There are currently over 7,000 international schools around the world and most are recruiting now for teachers for the 2014-2015 academic year. International schools teach in the language of English and the most popular teachers for the jobs are fully qualified, experienced teachers from the UK. International schools teach a mix of expatriate children and local children who choose the costly, high standard, English-speaking education to achieve places at the world’s best universities. 320,000 qualified teachers are currently employed in international schools and approximately one third of them are teachers from Britain. TIC provides a recruitment and support service to qualified teachers who want to work overseas.

The TIC Recruitment App is available free for iPhones and Android on App Store and Google Play. For more information visit