No Pens Wednesday - 7th October

No Pens Day Wednesday is back for 2015 on 7th October – registration is now open

No Pens Day Wednesday is a free annual national event from The Communication Trust that encourages schools to put down their pens and pick up their language by running a whole day focused on speaking and listening activities.

No Pens Day Wednesday 2014 was a huge success with over 3,600 schools and settings signed up in total- 14% of these were secondary schools. The Communication Trust have been working to capture stories about the innovative activities organised for the day and the impact it had.

Schools reported improvements in students’ engagement, behaviour and subsequent written work after the event. Many schools also highlighted greater inclusion and participation of students with SEN on the day.

There are now twelve case studies available to access on their website including four from secondary settings across England. There is also a detailed evaluation report and summary available-

In 2015 the event will take place on Wednesday 7th October. However, schools can run theirs whenever works best for them. You can find out more and register to access existing resources from previous years events and receive updates around the 2015 event here: