Win prizes for historical story telling

  • Win prizes for historical story telling

A nationwide competition has been launched at Hampton Court Palace based around the story of one of Britain’s best-known monarchs, Henry VIII, and his travels around the country. When Henry left Hampton Court to go on tour it was a big deal. Preparing for the tour was a mammoth task involving hundreds of helpers, but once they were on the road the King would enjoy hunting, feasting and entertainment in each town he visited. Retell the story of Henry VIII’s journey in your own way for the chance to win a handheld tablet, tickets to the festival and a visit from the King himself!

Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) has asked entrants to make a two-minute film based on the story and has produced four ‘how to’ films that show how to tell stories through animation, puppetry, digital and oral storytelling. There are two stories about the Royal Progress (one for adults and one for children) and an audio recording of the story to be used as inspiration.

All winning stories will be featured on the HRP website.

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