Your bard

​He could hardly be said ever to have fallen out of fashion – but nonetheless, thanks to an impressive range of events planned to celebrate his 450th birthday this year, not to mention the Education Secretary’s oft-stated affection for him, Shakespeare is enjoying a considerably more prominent place in many classrooms at the moment than he has done for a while. Great resources are the key to convincing certain students that he is anything more than an irritating and obscure irrelevance; and Cambridge School Shakespeare Online - a unique, interactive and free resource created by Cambridge University Press to help deepen understanding and enjoyment - definitely comes under that heading.

Supporting the highly successful Cambridge School Shakespeare play series - initially developed by Rex Gibson - this site features targeted student activities and teacher support resources to help draw out learning opportunities. Through a range of engaging activities including interactive games, quizzes, video and audio clips, photo galleries and blogs posts from established Shakespeare experts, this site aims to increase engagement and a sense of fun to everyone interested in reading, performing and learning Shakespeare. Register at