10 Reasons to Look at Digital Classroom Management

  • 10 Reasons to Look at Digital Classroom Management

As research shows, for effective learning to happen, getting the classroom environment right is crucial.

When the atmosphere is calm and purposeful, with everyone engaged and on task, all students have the chance to make real progress; but for far too many teachers, this scenario is the stuff of fantasy.

Even if extremely poor behaviour is relatively rare, tackling persistent, low-level disruption can be a daily battle, leading to lost teaching time, reduced motivation, increased workload and stress for teachers and, ultimately, a rate of pupil exclusions that is worryingly high, and rising.

So, what’s the answer? One approach that is having an impact in schools all over the country is the introduction of Class Charts – a Bett Award winning solution that uses AI and real-time data to streamline every aspect of classroom management, from generating instant seating plans that are optimised for learning and behaviour, to sharing key information with stakeholders. Intrigued? Here are ten reasons why you should be…

1. It’s designed by a teacher

No one understands what teachers really need like another teacher, and Class Charts was designed by an educator with 16 years of classroom experience – so you can be sure that all its features have been developed with the best interests of you and your students in mind.

2. It’s proactive

Because it’s driven by Artificial Intelligence, Class Charts can actually identify how pupils influence each other in the classroom – suggesting data-rich seating plans that will keep disruption to a minimum, while enabling effective differentiation for progress.

3. It produces powerful analytics

With a couple of clicks, beautifully clear reports can be created and sent to SLT, pastoral teams, form tutors, heads of year and subject leads – highlighting trends and pupils at risk, and allowing interventions to be put in place where necessary.

4. It makes motivation easy

Class Charts empowers schools to incentivise behaviour in a way that works for them, and supports existing policies. Students collect points for positive work and conduct, which can then be ‘spent’ in a fully customisable online store.

5. It simplifies homework

Using the homework module, teachers can quickly and easily set home learning tasks from the classroom. A homework calendar shared with pupils and parents via apps should put an end to excuses for work not completed – and detailed reports enable close tracking of submissions.

6. It manages detentions

Detention management can be incredibly time consuming and complicated for schools – but not with Class Charts! Attaching detention to specific behaviour types ensures consistency, and positive data use prevents double-booking, tracks attendance, and helps pupils and their families to work with school for improved outcomes.

7. It highlights achievement gaps

Class Charts’ WAR (work, action, results) boards are a fast and powerful way of creating a visual representation of groups of pupils, featuring powerful filters to help you focus on and RAG rate attainment and progress with pinpoint accuracy.

8. It boosts parental engagement

Attractive and intuitive parent and pupil apps mean that important information can easily be shared between school and home, encouraging families to involve themselves more actively with children’s learning.

9. It saves teacher time

Everything about Class Charts is designed to improve outcomes for students, whilst simultaneously making teachers’ lives easier – the seating plan tool alone could save you up to 30 hours of your precious time every year.

10. It reduces exclusions

No one wants to see a young person excluded from school – and Class Charts can go a long way towards preventing that from happening; allowing problems to be identified and tackled long before they turn into a crisis.

One school using Class Charts, Acklam Grange, reduced its fixed term exclusions from four per week to just two in total for the whole year!

Find out more about what Class Charts could do for you, and book a demo for a 30-day free trial: classcharts.com/demo.

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