Get Top School Trips Magazine Sent Straight to your School – Free

  • Get Top School Trips Magazine Sent Straight to your School – Free

Produced by the publishers of Teach Secondary, Top School Trips magazine reaches an attentive audience who have come to know and trust our relevant and expert editorial.

Each issue is sent directly to 23,100 teachers, all of whom are budget-holding members of the senior leadership team. A school trip can be a transformational moment in a student’s education, raising aspirations, increasing self-esteem and equipping children with skills for life.

Top School Trips magazine shares the very best of these experiences, giving teachers inspiring choices for memorable journeys beyond the classroom.

Each issue of Top School Trips includes 100s of suggested destinations, making it an essential guide for those looking to make an informed decision about their next outing – why it will excite their pupils, the learning opportunities it presents and how it connects to what they are doing in the classroom.

We’re talking about…

Why we need trips
From developing leadership potential to helping staff and students forge better relationships, we explore every aspect of how going on a school trip benefits young people and their education.

The very best visits
Be it outdoor adventures, historical discoveries or fascinating stage shows, in every issue we focus on some of the most popular types of school trip and highlight the most exciting options in each sector.

The practical stuff
A successful school trip is a well-planned school trip. We provide expert advice on everything from arranging transport and insurance to communicating with parents and supporting children with SEND.

Residentials and overseas trips
These seminal trips can change the course of a student’s education. We look at just how they have affected the lives of young people and what teachers can do to make every aspect of the experience a success.

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