Product Review – Class Charts

  • Product Review – Class Charts

At a glance

• Data-rich seating plan solutions for strategic and informed teaching
• Displays key information about pupils, including intelligence events
• Optimised for learning and behaviour
• Import and display student photos on any seating plan
• Highlight underachievement and produce instant reports
• Powerful reporting engine with stunning behaviour analytics

When used regularly and linked to current data, a seating plan is an intelligent classroom management tool to support teaching, learning and assessment.

Most teachers will make their own, but it’s not an easy thing to do, and the resultant schemes aren’t always well-informed, well shuffled or managed consistently.

You might not have considered using software to help you with this particular task, but turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes a lot of sense if you want to get things right.

This is where Class Charts can make a real difference, with its clever engine that automatically suggests effective seating plans. It even has a ‘Safe Mode’ so you can share these on a whiteboard with students when they enter a room.

Class Charts is a genius pupil placement system because its AI system learns how students influence each other in the classroom.

Teachers ‘feed’ in key pupil data relating to behaviour and learning, and this is then used to make strategic decisions about seating plans optimised for progress.

You can effortlessly import data from a spreadsheet or directly synchronise the software with SIMS, Integris, CMIS, Progresso etc.

The swish Class Charts analytics give you an overview of data throughout the school, with the option to represent it visually by tutor group, year group, subject or house.

Data traffic lights mean you can pinpoint in a second those who need extra support and customise the information for your class. WAR Boards (Work, Action, Result) are a particularly useful feature, as they display which students are currently below, behind or on track for their targets.

With just a couple clicks of a button, Class Charts can place high and low ability pupils together, differentiated using assessment information, core pupil data or behaviour scores. You can always tweak the plans, using drag and drop to create your own final version.

Classroom management doesn’t have to be complex and it doesn’t have to be a daily battle. Using Class Charts makes life easier by building accurate profiles, improving relationships and bringing the learning environment into sharp focus.

It’s tailor-made for spotting behaviour issues and putting interventions in place.

Class Charts takes the labour out of planning by creating coordinated seating plans that benefit student behaviour, academic performance and class participation.

The plans also play a significant role in influencing the classroom climate and students’ relationships with each other; and are especially useful for supply and cover teachers who walk in ‘cold’, as they can easily be informed of students’ capabilities and needs.


• Saves hours and slashes workload
• Improves and maximises on-task behaviour
• Massively reduces low-level disruptive behaviour
• Superb visual representations of behaviour and learning data
• Improves question-asking and boosts peer-to-peer learning
• Perfect for lesson observations, inspections and sharing with parents

Upgrade if…

You are looking for a data rich and consistent approach for helping to maximise learning and minimise misbehaviour. Class Charts is an intelligent and critical classroom management tool that will have considerable impact.

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Reviewed by John Dabell

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