Product Review: Seebox

  • Product Review: Seebox

A pioneering educational game console that teaches science, electricity and electronics in a fun and practical way!

‘Learning to be an Engineer’, the latest report from the Royal Academy of Engineering, recommends that there needs to be extensive promotion of engineering habits of mind in order to improve the science capital of young people. It also observes that more resources are needed to help teachers promote playful experimentation and equip them with the technology
skills they need.

Systems thinking, adapting, problem-finding, creative problem solving, visualising, and improving can all flourish using Seebox, a professional test instrument that fully engages students with engineering and helps them see its vast and rich potential as a career.

The futuristic-looking Seebox console is very clever and contains a whole ecosystem of learning content inside and allows students to learn by doing experiments on real quality electronic hardware combined with game software.

Students watch animated videos that explain concepts associated with electronics, electricity and science in a fun way and then straight away get down to business and apply what they have learned to progress through a game. The videos are deliberately short and absorbing, with a highly engaging spaceship themed storyline that builds up in complexity over the course.

The journey students take through the game involves performing actual experiments with electronics using PC boards and components to aid deep understanding. Each ‘playboard’ contains the curriculum material and when connected to the Seebox it is unlocked.

Each student has their own ID Tag and fingerprint scanner, and the Seebox keeps a close eye on their progress. It acts as a gatekeeper because students can only progress by watching every video, answering every question and completing every experiment. Seebox records the hours spent using it, the videos watched and which concepts have been mastered.

Students can use Seebox at their own pace and the immediate feedback they get enables them to learn via experimentation without pressure.

Seebox has the potential to change the way electronics, engineering and science are taught in school. It’s not cheap at £599 +VAT, but the innovation and capabilities are second to none; and with affordable rental options available, this is great value.

At a glance

  • A sophisticated professional test and measurement instrument
  • Combines video animation with hands-on learning step by step experiments
  • Cultivates an engineering growth mindset and real life skills
  • Comes with a whole curriculum
  • Suitable for Year 7 up to university level – and no teacher required

Upgrade if…

You are looking to promote tech-savvy experiential learning,
engender engineering habits of mind, nurture creative problem solving and
improve abstract thinking.


  • Physical, tangible and 100% interactive fun
  • Develops decision-making skills and promotes technical expertise
  • Supports tinkering and learning from mistakes
  • Boosts confidence as independent learners and team players

Reviewed by John Dabell

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