Projector Preparation For Back to School

  • Projector Preparation For Back to School

It’s that time of year again when integrators have finished with their installations and schools are bracing themselves for the start of a new term.

It’s a busy time for everyone in the education sector, not least IT Managers who want classroom technologies to deliver the best for their students. Casio shares some top tips to ensure you can be as prepared as possible with your projection this term time.
To increase engagement and keep your students focused on lesson content, top-quality images are paramount when it comes to visual learning. 4K Ultra HD has now truly entered the mainstream with IT Leaders clearly recognising the importance of resolution in the classroom. Research conducted by Insight Avenue recently found that 54% of IT Managers they interviewed cited ‘resolution not high enough’ as one of the main challenges with their existing projectors.


Casio’s 4K UHD model provides a 5,000 lumens brightness and its DLP chip supports an ultra high definition resolution which offers much sharper and more-detailed images with vivid colour reproduction, as well as a built-in lens-shift function which autocorrects the visual positioning of the image without reducing the resolution.

This means you can transform your classroom into the ultimate entertainment centre for learning!
The frequent breakdown of projectors is an issue for many IT Leaders, with Casio’s customers regularly expressing how important reliability is when it comes to making the right technology choice. Ecclesfield School recently underwent a huge projector replacement project, opting for Casio as it consistently delivers in terms of reliability, as stressed by ICT Support Officer, Michael Rodgers:


“All of Casio’s projectors are covered by a 5 year/10,000 hour warranty, which made the switch quick, easy and hassle-free. We have chosen Casio projectors for years because of the high quality of the product and incredible support our team are provided with.”

Casio’s Ultra Short Throw projector can be mounted to the wall above the screen, rather than the ceiling; creating a less expensive and much simpler installation. This, as well as not affecting the teacher’s vision whilst she is taking the lesson (as it can be placed directly in front of the screen), makes this particular projector ideal for the classroom setting.
One of the many benefits of lamp-free projection is you don’t have to waste your time maintaining technology and changing bulbs. Casio’s Laser & LED Hybrid technology improves environmental credentials and reduces power consumption.


Since 2010 this mercury free-solution to its audio visual technology has made Casio a global pioneer of next-generation projectors as it pursues sustainability as a business practice. Why not consider a change to lamp-free for your classroom and do your bit for the environment?

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