Renaissance Star Assessments Review

  • Renaissance Star Assessments Review

Choosing the most appropriate and meaningful educational assessment system for your school is crucial. To be reliable, tests must harvest consistent results. You need a system that is student and teacher friendly, that meets the highest standards of evidence for consistency and validity, and demonstrates budget-friendliness. Renaissance Star Assessments ticks all the boxes – and more.

In a nutshell, students take Star Assessments on computers or iPads and the intuitive software delivers multiple choice questions for them to answer, continually adjusting the difficulty according to responses. After an assessment has been completed, the software calculates the student’s score and teachers can then select reports to provide results for an individual student, class, year, or whole school – giving them incredibly valuable information at their fingertips.

Star Assessments is built upon an interconnected web of prerequisite skills called Learning Progressions as well as skills-based test items and indepth reports.

The assessments run on the Renaissance Place platform and this provides a single, integrated management system so that schools can centralise student data

Assessment data are pooled together. Daily monitoring, interim assessments (screening, benchmarking and progress monitoring) and Student Growth Percentiles (SGP) indicate whether progress, not just attainment, is at, above or below expected levels. This breadth and depth means that teachers can chart and monitor growth trajectories, and the precise nature of the data helps inform best teaching support decisions.

The wealth of data Star Assessments produces is outstanding and provides invaluable information for target teaching and for channelling the most appropriate teaching materials and interventions towards students who are struggling.

If you want a coordinated and powerful system that can lay out a pathway to guide teaching and learning to advance student progress then Star Assessments certainly has the credentials to make imprints and impact. This is a system that points you in the right direction and gives you the tangible and achievable next steps for getting there.

Star Assessments has been heavily researched and scientifically proven to support teachers guide each student on their own unique path to mastery. It’s a practical, sound and deeply diagnostic approach.
You are looking to assess students quickly, accurately and efficiently with tried and tested robust resources that come with depth, discernment and pedagogical punch.

At a glance

  • Diligent and comprehensive cloud-based assessment system
  • Creates a seamless, integrated assessment with high levels of reliability and validity
  • Find out what students know with pinpoint accuracy
  • Helps to build a solid foundation of knowledge, concepts and skills


  • World-class assessment system with dynamic calibration
  • Versatile, easy to use and an administrative breeze
  • Provides highly valid, reliable and actionable data for genuinely personalised learning
  • Identifies students most at risk quickly
  • Boosts accelerated learning

Upgrade if…

You are looking to assess students quickly, accurately and efficiently with tried and tested robust resources that come with depth, discernment and pedagogical punch.

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