Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students

  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students
  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students
  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students
  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students
  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students
  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students
  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students
  • Slice Tools: Safer, More-Effective Cutting for Students

At Slice, safety, durability, and performance are priorities. Slice makes a full line of craft tools and cutters for general-purpose use that features its finger-friendly safety blades.

This makes the tools appropriate for use with children and with mobility-impaired and developmentally delayed individuals.

Teachers regularly say that Slice’s tools are a welcome substitute for dangerously sharp craft knives and notoriously underperforming and poor-quality children’s scissors.

The only safety blade

Most cutting tools feature an overly sharp blade. This is because steel (the traditional blade material) is a relatively soft material, so it dulls quickly.

Ceramic blade manufacturers typically mimic this too-sharp blade edge when making their tools. Overly sharp blades and dull blades both pose a great risk for lacerations.

Slice blades, whether they’re craft blades or box cutter blades, are made of 100 per cent zirconium oxide, an advanced ceramic. This material is extremely hard, something of which the company’s patent-pending blade design takes advantage.

Slice’s thicker blade and unique grind result in blades that are safe to the touch, and that last up to 11 times longer than steel counterparts. This means fewer blade changes.

Slice blades are also more durable and safer than other ceramic blade tools.

Handling a blade is a time of high risk for lacerations, so the fewer blade changes you have to make, the better. Slice’s blades are so safe that its rounded-tip models don’t even require a sharps container for disposal.

This short video demonstrates how much safer a Slice blade is, compared to a razor-sharp metal blade

Note, however, that regardless of how safe Slice cutting tools are, they are still made to cut things. Always take the same precautions with Slice tools as you would with any other cutting tools.

Ergonomically designed and effective

All Slice tools are designed to be ergonomic. This means they fit well in the hand and allow the cutting motion to be as natural as possible.

Several tools in the Slice line-up are unique, including the extremely popular Precision Cutter. Other tools, like its Craft Knife, feature a more-traditional design.

Ergonomics are important for young children. The more comfortable a tool is and the more natural the cutting motion, the easier it will be for them to use. Many of Slice’s tools also feature handles that fit well in smaller hands.

And Slice tools get the job done. Crafters regularly tell the company that its tools work well for a wide variety of projects – from paper crafts to scratchboard art, leather crafting to cutting cardboard.

Craft Cutters for Your Classroom

Some popular Slice craft tools for classroom use are its Ceramic Scissors, Precision Cutter, Craft Knife, and Precision Knife.

Slice’s scissors are a great alternative to traditional kids’ scissors. There are three designs on offer, including the small, rounded-tip model, which is excellent for kids.

In addition to the blunted ends, these scissors feature short blades for ease of use, and small, easy-grip handles, which fit well in little hands.

And they work well. Do your kids need to cut felt, construction paper, or cotton balls? No problem!

You can read more about why these scissors are a good choice for the classroom in Children’s Scissors: Finding a Safe and Effective Pair on the Slice Craft Blog.

The 00116 Precision Cutter

The Precision Cutter is shaped like a pen, so using it will feel natural for children who know how to use writing instruments. For those who are still learning, this tool can help with that practice.

Featuring Slice’s unique microblade, the Precision Cutter is excellent for detail work on thinner materials like construction paper or crêpe paper.

Slice’s Craft Knife meets the same needs as any other traditional craft knife; it also handles like a pen and is great for detail work on materials that are thinner, as well as slightly thicker material like card stock or foam-core board.

The 10580 Precision Knife

The Precision Knife uses the same blades as the Craft Knife, so will work on the same materials.

The finger-hole handle provides a different grip that kids may have fun trying out. They may also find this tool easier to manoeuvre.

The 10513 Manual Pen Cutter

If you’re looking for good all-purpose tools that can make deeper cuts, the Slice Pen Cutter and Utility Knives are good choices. The Pen Cutter features a small-diameter handle, so may be easier for younger children to use.

What’s Your Project?

Slice loves to see what children and preteens create in the classroom using safer Slice tools, and welcomes you to share your Slice craft story.

Want to Know More?

Please visit to see its full line-up of safety cutting tools and learn more about all things Slice.