Becoming an outstanding mathematics teacher

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​Few subjects at KS3 and 4 have suffered quite so much over recent years from the temptation (or, perhaps more accurately, the compulsion) to ‘teach to the test’, as mathematics. Moreover, whilst everyone agrees that young people need to reach a certain standard of numeracy as a central part of their education if they are to stand a chance of succeeding in the world beyond the school gates – being ‘rubbish at maths’ is not only socially acceptable, it’s almost a badge of honour, it seems, for many of us who have left the classroom behind. Here, Jayne Bartlett sweeps all that aside as she breathes enthusiasm and creativity into her specialism and explains how to deliver outstanding maths teaching with every lesson; not to impress Ofsted (although you will), but to inspire your students to engage actively with what they are learning, relate the skills and knowledge they acquire to their daily lives, and become confident mathematicians for the future.