Classroom Starters & Plenaries

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​Some teachers seem to have an innate ability to come up with an apparently endless stream of creative (and, incidentally, Ofsted-pleasing) mini-activities through which they can engage students at the opening of a lesson, or check what they’ve learnt at the end of it. Where do they get their inspiration? Well, perhaps they have a copy of this rather handy little collection of ideas tucked into a desk drawer…

Neatly organised into categories according to focus or style (such as ‘key words’ or ‘game show’), this is a resource designed to save you valuable planning time, whilst ensuring that learners get the best possible value out of every session you deliver. It’s not that the content is particularly revolutionary – but the games, puzzles and processes are clearly presented and explained, with examples usefully linked to specific subjects, key stages and topics, making this an extremely handy addition to any educator’s toolbox.