Creative Shakespeare: The Globe Education Guide To Practical Shakespeare

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    Arden Shakespeare
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​Fiona Banks has worked at the hub of innovative teaching of Shakespeare for the last 16 years, as a key member of the Globe Theatre’s proactive and innovative education team. It follows, then, that any book synthesising her experiences as well as those of prominent Globe colleagues is likely to be a sound investment for anyone keen to make his or her teaching of Shakespeare lively and memorable. Sure enough, this title proves to be an absolute treasure-trove of tips and practical advice, much of it deriving from the games and techniques perfected in professional rehearsal rooms by actors preparing themselves to perform on the reconstructed playhouse stage, and tried and tested in classrooms and with visiting groups of young people. Grab yourself a copy and prepare to rekindle your own love affair with the Bard as you introduce him to a new generation of potential enthusiasts.