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​As a general rule, suggesting to teachers that their profession involves any element at all of ‘laziness’ is a pastime only suitable for the kind of person who would also find it delightfully thrilling to sit down for a picnic in a zoo’s lion enclosure. In Jim Smith’s world, however, ‘laziness’ can be a positive virtue – it’s not to do with taking easy shortcuts, and it’s certainly not a case of caring any less; but rather, it’s about ‘letting learning lead’ (with the reclamation of your Sunday evenings merely a happy bonus). This book builds on the solid foundations provided by Smith’s first title (The Lazy Teacher’s Handbook), and expands his ideas and suggestions to look at a whole school approach to the tricky but essential business of ‘progress’; delivering it, observing it, measuring it and ensuring that it is genuinely beneficial to the most important people of all – the students.