How to be an Amazing Teacher

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    Crown House Publishing
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​Yeah, right. Because all we need to do is read a book. Well no, of course there’s considerably more to reaching the dizzy status of ‘amazing’ than that… but the truth is – putting sarcasm aside – devoting some time to this particular title, absorbing the advice it contains, and putting even just a handful of the thoroughly practical suggestions it offers into action could most definitely result in an immediate improvement in your teaching ability; benefiting not only your students, but also yourself. The author, Caroline Bentley-Davies, brings her considerable experience as teacher, adviser, consultant and inspector to what is effectively a comprehensive handbook for anyone whose aim is to help others learn, whether that person is an NQT or battle-hardened veteran of the classroom. Her cool, brisk and slightly wry tone hits the spot exactly, managing to strip the process of effective pedagogy back to basics whilst avoiding any hint of evangelism or condescension – and she has an uncanny knack of unearthing exactly the right questions to maximise personal discovery. Amazing stuff.