Independent thinking

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​Open this book at random, and you may find yourself reading a poem. Or you could be faced with bullet pointed list. Or a parable. Or perhaps an anecdote. You might be challenged about your relationship with Twitter, or whether that animal over there really has to be defined as a cow or a pig, or why you are a teacher. And when you’ve finished reading – which could be after a few seconds, or a couple of hours, depending on what kind of a mood you’re in and why you picked up the book in the first place – you may well find that you are thinking slightly differently from how you were before you started; about education, about life, and about what the former has to do with the latter. That’s what Ian Gilbert does, apparently so effortlessly – he facilitates, inspires and releases genuinely independent thinking, not by leading you in a certain direction, but by opening previously concealed doors to reveal a multitude of potential horizons.