The Discipline Coach

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    Independent Thinking Press
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​Not so much a ‘book’, as a speaking gig you can hold in your hands, this summary of Jim Roberson’s values is compellingly presented, with the word count per page kept to a minimum, and strikingly stylish, black-and-white design throughout. As the title suggests, Roberson’s specialism is ‘discipline’, which he defines not as ‘something you do to others’, but rather as something you do for – not to – yourself. Focusing on behaviour, he argues, simply teaches young people to work harder at not getting caught; whereas if you encourage respect, accountability and preparation (RAP), then you give them the kind of self-belief and motivation that can be truly transformational, and will stay with them for life. Part biography, part philosophical observation, this is an inspiring and interactive reading experience that could give you a genuinely new perspective on dealing with ‘challenging’ students.